Wednesday, December 05, 2012

464 Stories (Fall 2012)

Beards.   Tattoos.  Radio Legends.    Personal History.   
Magicians.   Musicians.    Fracking.

Once again, we continue the 464 collection of documentaries.   This is the Fall 2012 Edition.   Students enrolled in RT464 Audio Documentary and Diversity are presented here to share their final projects, as part of their exhibition requirement.    The topics are unique, and are framed from each student's perspective based on research and interviews.    Some documentaries examined student perspectives, from campus life to life back home.  Other documentaries examined family roots and tradition.  Some topics simply tapped into the curiosities of students.  And still others took on serious issues such as "fracking."

The skill level of each student varies.  Research.  Organization.  Audio Levels.  Interviewing.  Editing.  Sound Design.   Narration.  Overall Creativity.   At times, you might have to look past some of the technical issues in a particular piece, and focus on substance.  In each documentary, there are moments of brilliance. Yet, other times, you will be thoroughly amazed at the level of excellence.  The approaches to content and technique vary as does the topics.   The audio software used primarily was Protools, and the field audio recording equipment varied, with some students having their own equipment.  For most students, this course was their first attempt at documentary.   Students were required to post their final project, but you might find that some have also included their midterm project.

A personal thank you to Honna Veercamp (MFA student) for all her help and guidance to the students (and myself) this semester.    Honna and I were pleased with this semester's work, as we continue to build upon a tradition of online exhibition for audio documentaries.

The textbook was Reality Radio - and a major inspiration to the students.

Enjoy listening....

Links to Student Blogs
in order of submission - with more to come....

Alicia Sheldon - "Tom Sheldon:  The Voice of Southern Illinois"

Dallen Detamore -  "The Magnificent Beard"

Sarah Gardner - "What is Music"

Ryan Madigan - "The Meaning Behind the Ink" (with Elliot Johnson)

Adam Fager - "Fager Military History, Part I"

Nick Ischer  - "Finding the Meaning of Music:  Nick Galardy

Thomas Marciniak - "The Importance of Patter"

Joel Dickerson - "Chiraq" (with Marius Burrell)

Husnia Ashiku - "Fracking"

Blake Bledsoe - "Overeducated and Underpaid"

Trent Sapp - "We like to Party" (with Durrell Grove) [Sound Cloud link, error]

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You can also listen to the end of semester projects from Radio363,